5 Ways to Prevent Keyless Car Theft

Cars and other motor vehicles have come a long way in the 21st century in the ways we unlock and drive them. Car theft of course still occurs, but the ways in which they are stolen have had to adapt to the technologies implemented. Keyless car theft is, unfortunately, one of the ways criminals will steal your vehicles. Many modern cars will use keyless fobs to unlock and start the engine removing the need for traditional keys. Car thieves have found multiple ways to use this to their advantage to steal a car. Image4Security is here to inform you of the preventive measures you can take to stop these pesky thieves from getting their hands on your motor vehicle.


Push button for car start


What is keyless car theft?

Older car models use a metal key to unlock the doors, as well as to start the ignition of the engine. A keyless car does not use a traditional metal key but instead uses an electronic fob, card, or an app on your smartphone to unlock and start your car. The technology even allows you to leave your digital key anywhere inside your car, and with a push of a button, your car will start. While keyless car theft is not the most common form of motoring offense in the UK – those awards go to speeding and vehicle insurance offenses, according to the UK statistics, but it is still prevalent in the UK and more so in certain urban areas. Our team at Image4Security recommends reading on to find out the best preventative measures for keyless car theft.

Thieves have found ways to intercept the radio signals sent by the fobs and digital keys, to steal your car. This essentially tricks the car into thinking that the digital key is in use. There are a few ways that thieves achieve this including:

Signal jamming

Keyless car thieves can plant signal jammers underneath or in hidden areas of the exterior of your car in order to transmit the same radio frequency as your remote key fob, which is used to jam the signal that locks your car. When the signal is blocked, the car owner will not be able to lock the vehicle, therefore, thieves will have free reign to simply open the car and steal it. If keyless car owners make sure that the car is locked before leaving the car’s premises, this can counteract this method of keyless car theft.

Signal relaying

This is one of the most common ways thieves will try and steal your keyless car. There are preventative measures you can take, to tackle this method of thievery as well as the other examples listed. Signal relaying involves one thief using a wireless transmitter in range of your digital key, which could be inside your house, with an accomplice thief standing by your car to capture the signal and use that signal to unlock it. This method is particularly effective as relaying the signal not only can unlock your car but can allow the thieves to start the engine too.

These are the two most common ways that thieves are able to use to steal your keyless car, but there are other multiple ways that they accomplish this including:

  • App hacking
  • Code grabbing
  • Close-range testing


But you’re here to know how to keep your car secure and find out the ways to prevent keyless car theft. Here are the 5 best ways to do so.


1.      Signal blockers

Signal blockers are one of the most cost-effective ways to prevent thieves from unlocking your keyless car. Keeping your digital key inside a signal-blocking box also known as a faraday box will prevent the signal from being transmitted, relayed or captured by thieves. There are boxes that can be locked with padlocks, and keys, for extra security.

2.      Garage security

This range of security equipment is perfect for those who keep their car, or any vehicle, in a garage or shed. The guardsman barrier range works as a protective barrier that extends and retracts over your garage door or shed door opening. Even if thieves manage to unlock your keyless car, they’ll struggle to get it out of your garage, as the bar sits at the ideal height to stop vehicles passing under it, or from being lifted over. They can be alarmed also, so anybody trying to remove the barrier will make a lot of noise, attracting a lot of attention. To add even more security to stop thieves from entering your garage, Image4Security provides the innovative garage defender, which comes in two styles for both an up-and-over or roller shutter garage door. Each style prevents the garage door from being lifted or opened.

3.      Purchase a steering wheel lock

A true tried-and-tested method to prevent car theft is a steering wheel lock. It’s one of the most effective preventative measures you can take to stop a thief from stealing your keyless and traditional metal key car. Popular since the early 2000s, this lock sits on your steering wheel and prevents the wheel from turning. You’ll either have to be an expert lockpicker or have a loud power drill to get this off, which will create a vast amount of noise alerting you to the thief’s intentions.

4.      Invest in trackers

Even though this blog is providing you with ways to prevent theft, trackers are one of the best ways to know where your keyless car is at all times, improving your chances of getting your vehicle back if it does get stolen. There are several trackers to purchase that can get the job done. These can be accessed with your smartphone to let you know where your keyless car is, should you find it stolen. Some trackers even send you alerts if they suspect suspicious activity, or movement, such as an attempted robbery.

5.      Update your software

Keyless car manufacturers and companies often roll out software updates for the digital fobs and systems to counteract criminal methods of theft. These updates will contain new security measures so be sure to keep up to date with the software updates of your keyless car.


Image4Security can help prevent keyless car theft

Our team can provide multiple top-of-the-range security devices for your keyless cars and motor vehicles to prevent even the most cunning thieves from succeeding in their crimes.

Get in touch now for a variety of security devices that can reduce insurance costs, and ultimately protect your valuable vehicles. Email us at support@image4security.com or call us on 01384 442646.





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